Fenders & Duct Covers

Fenders & Duct Covers

Corner fenders

Walcon offers corner fenders that cater for boats of all sizes. Their design offers more protection than previous versions for both the boat that makes contact with it and the pontoon on which it is mounted. Made from rotary moulded plastic, they are available in two sizes, both larger than standard versions, and come over the top of the decking for complete protection. This also makes them more visible as well as ensuring a snug and secure fit. They are available for both finger and hammerhead pontoons.

Lateral fenders

Walcon’s one-metre lateral fender is for use primarily as stern or bow fenders on its System 2000 pontoons, where they are easy to fit using the existing slot built into all units. This product has been developed due to the increasing numbers of motorboats with bathing platforms that choose to moor stern-to but can be used effectively in a wide range of applications.

The corner and lateral fenders are designed to complement each other, offering marina operators a uniform style as well as an enhanced level of protection for boats entering and leaving their berths.

Duct covers

We offer service duct covers fabricated in both aluminium and composite GRP. The composite GRP covers are available in a range of colours and can be supplied in a variety of widths. They are manufactured with a gritted surface for excellent non-slip properties and being GRP-based they are very low maintenance as they are subject to neither oxidisation nor corrosion. They have a projected service life of at least 25 years and can be retrofitted.

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