Concrete floating pontoons and floating breakwater pontoons provide wave protection for inshore marinas and yacht harbours.

Walcon Marine Ltd is proud to represent in the UK, SF Marina from Gothenburg, Sweden, who specialise in the production of top quality, all concrete styrofoam commercial floating breakwater pontoon structures. SF Marina has been producing floating concrete breakwaters since 1984 and is specialist in the manufacture of pontoon breakwaters.

The floating breakwaters are usually moored with chains, sinkers and anchors. To date there have been no failures of these breakwater pontoons, even in hurricane weather conditions.

Considerable wave research has been carried out over the last 20 years on the use of floating structures as wave breaks and breakwaters in sheltered locations such as estuaries and lagoons. The wakes of passing vessels and short period waves can still create unpleasant conditions in yacht harbours and marinas. Recent experience has shown that floating pontoon breakwaters are effective in attenuating waves in marginal sites.

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